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-==== Nat Twarog ====+==== Nathaniel Twarog ====
=== Graduate Student === === Graduate Student ===
---- ----
 +<WRAP column 180px> 
 +{{:people:twarog.jpg?180px|Nathaniel Twarog}} 
 +<WRAP column 60%> 
 +77 Massachusetts Ave \\ 
 +MIT, 46-4115B \\ 
 +Cambridge, MA 02139\\ 
 +Website: [[http://www.nathanieltwarog.com|www.nathanieltwarog.com]]\\ 
 +email: n a t h a n i e l t w a r o g @ g m a i l . c o m\\ 
 +<WRAP clear></WRAP> 
 +I'm a computational cognitive science researcher, specializing in the computational modeling of human vision. I just finished my PhD with Edward Adelson and Ruth Rosenholtz.  My research focuses on the problem of extracting structural and spatial information from a messy, unorganized, raw visual signal, something human beings accomplish effortlessly throughout almost every moment. In particular, I am interested in what computational tools can be applied to the problem of visual structure and perceptual organization, with special focus on techniques that offer simplicity, versatility, and intuition.  Check out my website for videos, images and more details on my research.
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