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-====== Name ====== +====== Phillip Isola ====== 
-==== Title ====+==== Graduate student ====
---- ----
-<WRAP column 150px+<WRAP column 180px
-{{:private:templates:placeholder_image.jpg?150px|An image}}+{{:people:phillip_photo.jpg?180px|An image}}
<WRAP column 60%> <WRAP column 60%>
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Cambridge, MA 02139\\ Cambridge, MA 02139\\
\\ \\
-Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX\\ +Web: [[http://web.mit.edu/phillipi| http://web.mit.edu/phillipi]] 
-email: your email address (add spaces to reduce spam)\\+\\ 
 +email: p h i l l i p i @ m i t . e d u\\
\\ \\
<WRAP clear></WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP>
-Enter your contact information using the layout above. Make the picture approx. 150 pixels wide by 200 pixels high (3 x 4 aspect ratio). You can also use the resize option in the link to scale the picture to 150 pixels wide. 
-Some text about your research interests. Possibly a list of publications or links to pages with more information.+I am currently working with Ted Adelson on shape perception. You can find more details at my site [[http://web.mit.edu/phillipi/|here]].
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