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 +====== General-purpose localization of textured image regions ======
 +==== R. Rosenholtz ====
 +In computer vision and image processing, we often perform different processing on “objects” than on “texture.” In order to
 +do this, we must have a way of localizing textured regions of an image. For this purpose, we suggest a working definition of
 +texture: Texture is a substance that is more compactly represented by its statistics than by specifying the configuration of its
 +parts. Texture, by this definition, is stuff that seems to belong to the local statistics. Outliers, on the other hand, seem to
 +deviate from the local statistics, and tend to draw our attention, or “pop out”1, 2. This definition suggests that to find texture
 +we first extract certain basic features and compute their local statistics. Then we compute a measure of saliency, or degree to
 +which each portion of the image seems to be an outlier to the local feature distribution, and label as texture the regions with
 +low saliency. We present a method, based upon this idea, for labeling points in natural scenes as belonging to texture
 +regions. This method is based upon recent psychophysics results on processing of texture and popout.
 +The pdf included here is actually from SPIE '99, a similar extended abstract.
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title        : General-purpose localization of textured image regions title        : General-purpose localization of textured image regions
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