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Paste the abstract here. Be sure to check that special characters are displayed correctly. Then fill out the fields of the dataentry item and save the page. The publication should be automatically added to the database. Remove the opening and closing <code> tags before saving. They are used to prevent this example from being entered in the database as a publication.

On this page, you can also include images, links to code, links to supplementary materials, etc.

How to upload a pdf

  • Go to playground:scratch and edit the page
  • Click on the picture frame icon - “Add images and other files”
  • Choose pub_pdfs as the namespace for the pdf
  • Upload the pdf - note that the name will be changed to all lowercase
  • The url for the pdf will have “_media” before the pub_pdfs, e.g.,


---- dataentry pubitem ----
title        : The title of the paper
authors      : The list of authors
citation     : Full citation without year, e.g., Journal name, volume, pages
shortcite    : Abbreviated citation for publication lists
year         : 4 digit year
created_dt   : publication date as YYYY-MM-DD
summary_page : the wiki path to this page, e.g., publications:pubid
keyword_tags : last names and other tags
pdf_url      : full URL to pdf of paper
type         : publication
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