Perceptual Science Group @ MIT

Jennifer Corbett
Research Scientist

Computer Science and AI Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar St, 32-D426
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Our eyes do not act like cameras and our brain is not a computer. Despite our extremely limited capacity to process details and the overwhelming amount of information that hits our retinas at any given moment, we somehow seem to make perfect sense of the world around us. My research focuses on clever strategies that the human visual system has evolved to be able to accomplish these remarkable feats. I use a combination of psychophysical, computational, eye tracking and neuro-physiological measures to draw novel and insightful conclusions about human visual perception. My main line of work is focused on ensemble encoding -how the human visual system e!ciently encodes large chunks of information to support our impressions of stable and complete perception despite our extremely limited resources for representing detail. Understanding how the brain quickly summarizes redundant and similar information (often warping our perceptions of reality) can allow for insight and predictions about how humans uniquely interact with the surrounding environment.